Sunday, October 20, 2013

Move to Blogger

I've been unhappy with Live Journal for a long time. About a year ago they made some changes to their system which I felt made things a bit more complicated. Uploading photos has also seemed to be problematic. I've spent a bit of time today reading about the difference between several different blogging platforms. There were a couple out there that I had not heard of before that sounded interesting. Posterior, for example sounds unique in that it allows you to upload posts through email. This would have several advantages someone living abroad, especially for someone in a country where the government blocks access to certain websites. In my reading though I found two platforms that came up again and again; Wordpress and Blogger. Wordpress seems to be more popular but Blogger has a reputation for being easier to use. So... Over the next few days I will be creating a few test posts. If I like it I'll stay.

But... but... but... Blogger and Wordpress are blocked in China?
Yeah, but as you may have noticed being blocked in China hasn't stopped me from getting onto Facebook in the last few weeks. While I was in the states I paid for a subscription to a VPN service. They work very well, most of the time.

In the past I've made several long rambling posts, sometimes infrequently. In the future I plan to make shorter post, averaging about 500 words each. However I intend to write something about once a week. I plan to put out new posts on Mondays.

We'll see how it goes.